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A poem on the Seven Deadly Sins

Mental Health and Pets

Some beautiful stories (and beautiful pets) that show just how important pets are for helping our mental health.

NOTES ON A NERVOUS PLANET by Matt Haig – Review.

A review of Matt Haig’s, NOTES ON A NERVOUS PLANET.

Mental Illness Can Return; We Need To Accept That.

It isn’t accepting defeat. It’s being realistic. It’s realising the harsh truths.

Orange Juice and Beer.

A short story.


Today is the first clear sky we’ve had in what feels like an era, and the beach is busy once more as people bask in the long-awaited Sun. Children are dragging their parents from stall to stall, begging for sugary doughnuts and fluffy pink… Continue Reading “Scavengers”

We’ve! Got! History!

Ever imagined the legendary female figure, Eleanor of Aquitaine, on a Talk Show?