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The Little Yellow House

A short story, inspired by Vincent van Gogh.

This Is What It’s Really Like to Have Fibromyalgia.

When I tell people I have Fibromyalgia a lot of people stare blankly, or go “I’m so sorry” or, “I can’t even imagine” – sometimes it’s a combination of all three. Of course, it’s pretty difficult to understand what it’s like to have something you don’t have. I’m hoping that, after reading this, you’ll empathise somewhat.

10 Reasons I Don’t Wear Make-Up.

I don’t want to.

10 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Had When I Began Writing.

Don’t write for money. You’ll fail.

How I Cope With my Mental Illness

Give your mind a break. Just as our bodies need sleep to function properly, as do our brains – so let your brain rest.


Task: go to a location and write what you observe.

Opinion Piece: Joking About Your Mental Health Can Be a Bad Coping Mechanism for Mental Illness.

The last thing we as a society need to do is lessen the brutality of mental illness. Particularly suicidal thoughts.

Van Gogh: Behind the Paint.

We all know what Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork looks like, but do we know the stories behind the paint?

A Week in Newton.

A poem.

The Three Types of Sadness.

A poem.