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10 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Had When I Began Writing.

Don’t write for money. You’ll fail.

Protected: Almond Blossoms

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Task: go to a location and write what you observe.

Opinion Piece: Joking About Your Mental Health Can Be a Bad Coping Mechanism for Mental Illness.

The last thing we as a society need to do is lessen the brutality of mental illness. Particularly suicidal thoughts.

Van Gogh: Behind the Paint.

We all know what Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork looks like, but do we know the stories behind the paint?

A Week in Newton.

A poem.

The Three Types of Sadness.

A poem.

The Gold Locket.

On the doorstep of a Saloon Bar the two lovers’ Summer starts. Their bodies pressed together, their lips slightly apart.   His ringed hand reaches round her neck- entwined in mahogany hair, slides under her pearl earring; Eyes closed, they break their stare.  … Continue Reading “The Gold Locket.”


A poem on the Seven Deadly Sins

Mental Health and Pets

Some beautiful stories (and beautiful pets) that show just how important pets are for helping our mental health.