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The Gold Locket.

On the doorstep of a Saloon Bar the two lovers’ Summer starts. Their bodies pressed together, their lips slightly apart.   His ringed hand reaches round her neck- entwined in mahogany hair, slides under her pearl earring; Eyes closed, they break their stare.  …


A poem on the Seven Deadly Sins

Mental Health and Pets

Some beautiful stories (and beautiful pets) that show just how important pets are for helping our mental health.

NOTES ON A NERVOUS PLANET by Matt Haig – Review.

A review of Matt Haig’s, NOTES ON A NERVOUS PLANET.

Mental Illness Can Return; We Need To Accept That.

It isn’t accepting defeat. It’s being realistic. It’s realising the harsh truths.

Orange Juice and Beer.

A short story.


Today is the first clear sky we’ve had in what feels like an era, and the beach is busy once more as people bask in the long-awaited Sun. Children are dragging their parents from stall to stall, begging for sugary doughnuts and fluffy pink…